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Springing into life

Springing into life

Progress - 35%

A hotel is taking shape. We have begun to erect the met-frame which will be the main structure for the hotel and will take no time at all to be put together on site. 

Recently a member of our team visited the met-frame factory where the panels are in production. This process is unrivalled in the industry with it’s simplicity and it’s speed hard to believe for such a solid structure. We at HR are very proud to be using this construction process and stand by it’s incredible results.

The first floor is almost complete and will be ready for the concrete floor for the floor above. We are very happy with the progress of this framework, as a team we are confident that the project will finish on time.

In other news on site the car park has been handed back to the tenants of The Grange, our team worked very hard to ensure that this car park was up to a good standard so that it could be used properly.

We are delighted to say that our electrical contractor have started their first fix electric cable ducts and with the mechanical works due to start very soon everythings progressing very smoothly at Southgate.

We are always happy to take your calls if you have any posing questions about the project. Our site office phone number is; 0208 886 6126Don’t forget to sign up for regular fortnightly updates.


Tom Allen

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